Splash Some Color Around

As an interior decorator, the first thing I hear is ‘My house is so blah… How do I fix it?!’ On the flip side, when I walk into a home and they don’t ask that questions, it is usually because they have gone way off the other end of the spectrum and have a red sofa with purple pillows.  The best way to splash color around in your home is to start with the neutral. When choosing colors for your home, my advice is to pick your neutral first. Upholstery for your largest item and wall colors should be in the same neutral color palette. Maybe you are more of a grey person, you want a couch and walls in the grey family.  Maybe you love warm colors and you want a brown couch and beige or tan walls.  It doesn’t matter which you like better, just go with one and stick to those in your big items.  In my living room, I have a medium grey couch with light grey wall, the perfect base for lots of colorful accents.

Once you have some neutral staples then you can start to add pops of color. I love anything in the blue family, a medium navy is my accent color in the living room.  When adding my accent color, I start by collecting all the blue things from around my home that I love or have meaning to me.  Maybe you have a blue cake plate, or a blue votive holder, get it all out and sprinkle around the room.

One of the easiest ways to do this, is on a bookshelf.  You may want your accent color to be blue but you don’t have many blue books.  Get out all the blue books you do have and group them in threes.  Then, take those groupings of 3 and place them sporadically among your other books.  Your eye will automatically go to the groupings.  It’s that easy! Also, think about using things in completely new ways.  Remember that blue cake plate that you have, it might not seem like it goes in the living room but when you use the cake plate as a remote holder it fits perfectly!

Stick to one to two accent color families in each room of your home.  Get interesting throw pillows, blankets and rugs to add pops of color.  When choosing accent colors make sure to choose two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel or you can think of it as a warm and a cool color.