Accent Walls, Please Don’t!

Ok, so I know I just explained how to use wallpaper as an accent wall, but this does not extend to paint colors.  Painting walls different colors without molding to break it up might sounds like a good idea but trust me, it never leaves you with a clean transition and ends up looking cheap, trashy and unplanned.

When choosing a paint color, choose something that will look good from all perspectives.  If you have an open concept living area, where the dining room flows into the living area, choose one wall color for that entire area.  If that area is also attached to a hallway then take the color down the hallway as well.  The color should flow from one room to the next with molding breaking up the two colors.  Even the best professional painter doesn’t have a steady enough hand to make that transition look seamless.

I have a friend who always wants “a splash of color,” and what she has decided to do is paint her bathroom two different colors. It cracks me up every I walk in there because it looks so ridiculous.  If you want a statement wall color, you better like it enough to paint the whole room that color.  Otherwise, it looks like to picked paint colors on a whim.  With an enclosed space, like a bathroom go for a paint color on the lighter side.  For a larger room with lots of windows or natural light coming in you can paint it a darker color.  My favorite paint color of all time was in our dining room.  It had a beautiful craftsman archway, and a wall of windows on two sides.  We decided to paint it a purple/navy that everyone said would be too dark but with caramel colored pine floors and all that natural light the room could handle a darker color and it was quite the statement.